Saturday, May 7, 2011


Traditions bind us together.  Families share traditions that were started years ago.  They may choose to have a special event each Christmas Eve.   They may choose to have a special place for a yearly reunion.  They may choose large family trips for each graduation or milestone attained.  Friends may share traditions with a yearly "Girls Weekend Away".  Even the White House maintains traditions.  Each year, whoever is in office, we always have the yearly Easter Egg Roll and the president always pardons the Thanksgiving turkey.  It's fun to bring your own traditions into your wedding plans.  Our couple, Lindsey and Zach, did just that and Adam Copeland Photography captured it on film.  The traditions of Texas A & M were important to them.  Lindsay wore Zach's senior boots in some of her portraits.  At the reception we decorated a special table that held his boots and saber.  Zach's groom's cake was Aggie through and through!  He chose a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting.  On the top was the A & M seal and around the sides was written The Aggie War Hymn in maroon.  And, of coarse, the War Hymn was sung during the reception.  All of these things create special memories that will last a lifetime!  What traditions will you include in your wedding plans?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thank You for Your Service to Our Country!

A time of celebration!  Weddings are just that!  We had so much fun planning with our couple this weekend, Lindsay and Cory, and her parents Sheila and Gene.  Cory and all four of his groomsmen are serving our country right now and are stationed at Fort Hood.  With the uncertain times our country is going through now abroad we need those times to celebrate and enjoy those people we love.  That is exactly what Lindsay and Cory did!  Lindsay and Sheila put together a beautiful wedding!  The girls' purple dresses were accented with lime green hydrangeas and the inside of The Chateau was beautiful!  The tables had different centerpieces...some were tall purple glads, some were white glads, and others were white lilies, white hydrangeas and purple orchids.  The walkway to the gazebo was lined with lime green lanterns tied to shepard hooks with purple ribbon.  As the sun set they illuminated the walkway and, along with the tiki torches, made a beautiful atmosphere for the guests to enjoy as they strolled outside on a breezy April evening.  What a wonderful memory Lindsay and Cory will have of the people they are close to how they helped them celebrate their special day together.  Thank you Cory, Damian, Cletus, Lamar and Marcus and all of our brave men and women who serve our country and help us retain our precious freedoms!  We appreciate and celebrate all of you!

Monday, April 4, 2011


A picture is worth a thousand words!  This image was created by 2 Now 1 at Chateau on the Creek for one of our January couples.  It evokes an array of emotions...that of a proud father as he presents his daughter as a beautiful bride...that of a young woman as she anxiously awaits her husband at the alter...that of a sentimental father who relives the past 24 years in the span of a few moments!  As this bride passes through the portals of this doorway she is ushered from the security of her family home into the wonderful excitement the coming years will hold for her and the man she loves.  Photography captures our precious moments and preserves them for us for a lifetime.  Enjoy seeking out the person who will help you accomplish preserving your wedding day! 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


The season for peonies begins!  This stunning peony and hydrangea  bouquet was created by Joycelyn at Fancy Florals last weekend.  It was important for our bride, Jennifer, at Chateau on the Creek, to have peonies and Joycelyn made it happen!  Peony season is short lived, usually April through June, but they are well worth the wait!  This fragrant flower will add a feminine flair and a softness to the overall feel of your wedding.  Check with your florist if you haven't had the opportunity to experience them yet!